• The Inception 1.3 - The Present

    Present Time:

    Sun, Feb 26, 15:41 pm – I’m on the loo texting and thinking, doing number 2 (funny how I always start these things and it’s either proper sanitation or personal hygiene) … Ohh yeh, that feels much better … never mind that, mind this.

    I know most of what I write here is focused on the past but I believe to actually get to point “C” in some way or other you have to acknowledge “A” and if you can recall give thanks for all the lessons it taught you but since you can’t live your life only in memory today we look at the present.

    The Gift

    “I’m a music” a slogan most musicians or artist claim to adorn but seldom really live, well for the sake of being politically correct “I’m Alternative Music”, since 2009 my tower’s being erect (like how I wrote so perverse, well that’s kind of the alternative thinking at work) and know this it only gets longer.

    This month is my birthday and I shot my first music video, had a difference of opinion with friends, family and acquaintances, met producers, lost a meeting with a lawyer, met a wanna-be manager, recorded two songs (even had three of those awkward please call me moments from people I no longer speak to (2 girls and a guy) and the odd thing is because of this rollercoaster 3 week of a February I don’t feel much.


    So, on we go, music video shooting done now it’s post productions turn (I hope it comes out nice and hits the telly soon, just to see the looks in some peoples faces. The good lord has taught me ton of things but what I cherish the most rite now, is the love for hatters, some people just need a hug), no matter what hate will come, so why not welcome it

    .I’ve got a good team of people around me and when that’s not enough I got myself & “God” that’ll always be. The numbness is worn like a cloak, feeling numb is the “Fight or Flight” mechanism kicking in a big match feel and I’ve never being good at run (the fat little kid grew up to be a phat grown man (man part is still up for debate), change is coming, no ways about it and I don’t feel anything so for me that says I’m ready.



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