• Sweet & Sour Ep by Young Suite Jones

    Playlist overview

    1. Hate I Don't Care

    - is the 1st track on the Sweet & Sour Ep. It introduces us to the rapper / singer / sound writer young suite jones. The song is about not submitting to the limitations placed by society and not stopping for anything in the persuit to acquire what one desires.

    "These niggas won't hold me back, no they won't hold me back"

    2. Can't Dissapoint

    - the title says it all, Young Sweet Jones cannot dissapoint as he raps about how hard things in his life are while acknowledging the number of people who believe in his work drives him to a point.

    3. You Don't Fuck With Jones

    - the sick this young'n posses, he decided to spit on a 1min 22sec beat just to give a little of what he is all about, raw punchlines and metaphors stating how he is completely unfuckablewith, hence lines like

    "I am Young Suite Jonezzy only rapper who makes rapping look so fucking easy"

    4. Miracles

    - The song's main concept focuses on remaining positive through out Life's Hardships for all manner of people, stating that a person's background helps them bring more to the table of life, a fire as it may whilst also indicating a degree of belief or faith in something spiritual thus the term miracles.

    5. Shake

    - the most commercially viable song on the record, for party lovers an twerkers, if you love having a fun with friends "prefferably women with big behinds" as Jones would say this is the song for yall, the catchy hook an on point beat gives party animals an booty hoopers an anthem.

    6. Inseparable (18 August)

    - You already guessed right, this my dear ladies an gentledudes is a love song, YSJ's lyrics talk about his love for his Misses and how things will not change even when they are apart. If your inlove this is the YSJ song for you, if your outta love dare I say it dumbed or broken up press next or die!

    7. Where's The Love At?

    - the 1st single off Sweet & Sour, most of yall have heard it, got a very warm reception. Young Suite Jones is asking where's the love at? he indirectly raps show love a little bait an switch, solid joint you gotta love it.




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