• #Mind The Hill :Released

    Mind The Hill

    Sometimes it's easier to ignore, figure it's better not to see and let things be. That's the choice of most folks. I mean knowing in your heart that this "condition" is not right and being indifferent sucks cause then you have to face guilt or hey here's a thought get involved an shoot youself in the foot because things happen, later go like at least I tried is no better... I guess if we had to admit, "we hate to lose" and lots things in our lives are messed up so not seeing is the better choice makes us less liable.

    But I still get angry, I mean take a trip from here to there and you'll get why. Absurd is what it is how can some people have so much and not acknowledge that others struggle for so little and before you go like "whatever" shut the hell up. So randomly I retreat don't watch TV, the news or any other medium that excels at creating propaganda. "Hermit", maybe new age LOL, I mean who can survive without social media but I do know most things held dearly to the masses are often bull so reframing at times is the norm. I guess I'm some sort of weird awkward awesomeness.

    Mahatma Ghandi: "Be the change you wish to see in the world" Read it felt like I'm only one guy, gradually started growing, noticed I could be something beyond. So this is one of the 1st steps I'm taking towards being more. A mixtape of thoughts, a couple of insane chants and statements but ultimately a definition of progress for those that know.

    Mind The Hill... retail mixtape, next step bigger and better!! I choose to see, cause I have FAITH


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